Fun at the Old Fashioned Chuckwagon!

A few weeks ago, our friends had their daughter and son-in-law come and visit them here.  We really had a great time while they were here too!  One day, Sal and I, took a hike with them, along with Jackie, over to Hidden Falls and Inspiration point. Here’s Jackie and her daughter Jamie at the top of Inspiration Point.  IMG_7254

The views along the way were still amazing too and we were lucky with some really wonderful weather!  IMG_7267
The next day we all took a trip up the  Aerial Tram at the Jackson Hole Resort in Teton Village up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  The weather wasn’t so great though and we got stuck up at the top of the mountain and had to wait an extra 45 minutes before we could ride it back down because of a thunderstorm!! 
After our day up there, we all went to the Bar J Chuckwagon in Jackson.  We had heard a lot about the place, but never made the trip last year so we were really looking forward to going this time.  IMG_7298

It’s a really popular place to go, so if you want to get any of the best seats, you gotta get there early and hang out in line.  IMG_7293
We finally got to go inside and we did end up with very good seats!  They do the show inside of, basically, a very large barn.  IMG_7299

And they’ve got the place decorated all nice and purty and stuff!!  I think someone might have stole my boots!!  IMG_7301LOL

The Bar J Ranch was founded by Babe Humphrey in 1977 when he, along with the Bar J Wranglers provided a western experience that the whole family could enjoy.  Babe taught his sons, Scott and Bryan, the importance of family values and western hospitality for which the Bar J has become renowned.   IMG_7312

This picture shows Scott on the left, with Bryan on the right, with Danny in the middle. 

This one shows Tim on the left with Scott again on the right.  IMG_7314

The show is kind of a mix of stand-up comedy, good old-time western music, and just a whole lot of fun!!
From early in the 1800’s, cowboys who were on the cattle drive had a very long and hard day in the saddle.  At the end of each day though, after a good ole rib-stickin’ meal, they would sit around and tell tall tales, and play instruments and sing.  The Bar J was started to recreate this atmosphere and share it with others.  They do feed you a hearty meal of BBQ Beef, Pork Ribs, Rib-Eye Steak, or Chicken.  Everyone also gets beans, potato, applesauce, biscuit, and spice cake.  It’s all cooked outside the old fashioned way and served up on tin plates.  The barn can hold 750 people, and they can get everyone fed in 25 minutes! 
Now with every good comedy team, they’ve got to have one guys who is the “straight man.”  For this team, that job belongs to Donnie.  He rarely smiles, and pretty much always has the same look on his face.  IMG_7323

The man could play just about any instrument with strings that you could imagine though!!  IMG_7325

The most hilarious part of the whole show though was when “Grandma” was out on the stage telling some amazing and the most comical stories you’ve every heard.  IMG_7338
And after she got done on the stage, Bryan came back to do some incredible yodeling!!  IMG_7341

The really amazing thing is that this group puts on this show every day, seven days a week, between Memorial Day and the last weekend in September.  Every day!!  Then in the winter months, they are hired to put on shows all over the country and also the Bar J is still a working cattle ranch! 
It was a wonderful evening with good food, good friends, and good entertainment.  If you ever find yourself in the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming in the summer months, I highly recommend taking the time to visit the Bar J Ranch!  It really takes you back to the spirit of the old west in a great atmosphere!  Happy Trails!


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