A Great Backpacking Trip

I’m trying to catch up on my blog posts for the summer now.  The weather has finally turned cold and snowy outside, so it gives me more time inside to do things like this. 
Well, as many of you already know, I had knee surgery earlier this summer.  And because of this, I wasn’t able to do all the hiking and backpacking that I normally try to squeeze into any summer that we are in such an amazing place as Grand Teton National Park.  My last visit to the doctor told me that I could take a backpacking trip as long as it wasn’t too extreme.  Well, that’s all I needed to hear to send me off packing into the woods!!  IMG_6609I began my trip going up Cascade Canyon, which is still amazing and some of the waterfalls were still flowing.  IMG_6612

And so was Cascade Creek down the entire valley.  It wasn’t flowing as much as the last time we were in this area, but it is still just as beautiful.   IMG_6623IMG_6633

After passing that last cascade, it was all new territory for me!  I hiked up the South Fork, and followed that part of the creek along the trail.  IMG_6650

The trail had quite a few creek crossing along the way too.  I was in seventh-heaven out in nature.  IMG_6651This is where I truly find my peace and serenity.  Hiking and backpacking have been a passion of mine since I don’t know when.  If I don’t get enough of it, I start to get real antsy!  How could you not enjoy a scene like this?????  IMG_6653

The wildflowers were still blooming at this higher elevation too.  IMG_6701

IMG_6717As I kept hiking up and up, at times, it felt like I was climbing up to the top of the world.  IMG_6669This is looking over towards North Fork Cascade Canyon. 

The views just continued along the hike.  I did get rained on a little while.  I just found a place under a tree and hung out for about a half hour until it had passed over me.  IMG_6689

The trail crossed over the South Fork of Cascade Creek numerous times along the way.  IMG_6705
Here’s the view looking back towards Cascade Canyon where I had begun my hike.  IMG_6713As I got closer to where I would set up my camp for the next two nights, this cascade was right along the side of the trail. 

I finally arrived where I was going to set up camp.  The view from the location was amazing!  This is looking one direction.  IMG_6733

And then this is the view looking the other direction up at the rock formation called The Wall.  IMG_6735Shortly after I got the tent set up, I had to wait out a thunderstorm as it passed over.  It rained really hard so I was lucky it happened AFTER I had the tent up and not during or before!  I wandered down to the creek to fill water bottles later so I could cook some dinner.  It is such a beautiful area!!!  IMG_6746

After the rains, it cleared up nice and allowed the moon to look incredible that night above all the rocks.  IMG_6757
IMG_6759I’m going to stop this post and I’ll do the rest of the trip in another one as to not overdo it with too many pics in one post.  It’s already written, so you can just continue with the next one!  Don’t miss the views from Hurricane Pass!!


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