The Rest of the Backpacking Trip

Sunrise in the morning was incredible!  I do have to admit it was a cold one though!!  IMG_6768






Since it had only been 8 weeks since my knee surgery, I decided to stay camped in the one location and spend the day hiking without the added weight of my pack on.  I was surrounded by granite!  IMG_6827 

My plan for the day was to hike to the top of Hurricane Pass.  Along my route were these two side-by-side waterfalls along the one side of the canyon.  IMG_6847



The trail continued up and up and the views though were just breathtaking!  IMG_6858

It’s rare that you can be this close and still get a photo that has Grand Teton, South Teton, and Middle Teton all in it, but I was able to do so as I climbed toward the pass.  IMG_6916Looking back down toward the valley that I had just been hiking from was amazing!  I kept telling myself, “Wow!” over and over again.  I was awestruck!  IMG_6889

On the south side of the trail just shortly before arriving at Hurricane Pass, you look down upon Schoolroom Glacier.  Of all the glaciers within the park, this permanent snowfield is marked by textbook examples of lateral and terminal moraines, crevasses and a lake clouded by glacial flower at is toe.  Thus how it got its name.  IMG_6978
IMG_6980And then I finally arrived at the top of Hurricane Pass which sits just below 10,400 feet.  You could see all the way over into Idaho from here!  IMG_6913

A bit further along the trail, you see stunning views down into the Alaska Basin.  IMG_6936

Guide Paul Petzoldt named the basin in 1924 after he and a horse party crossed the snow-covered alpine meadows early season.  IMG_6947




After lunch on top of the pass, I began my trek back towards camp.  And the IMG_6960views were spectacular!!! 

IMG_6986On my way back down, I stopped along the glacial lake at the base of Schoolroom Glacier and filled up my water bottles with ice cold water that tasted oh so good!!  IMG_6998



And then there were more amazing views along the trail….  IMG_7004 


This photo was taken looking toward Avalanche Divide. 


I got to see a few animals on my way back to camp.  This Yellow-Bellied Marmot sure was cute!  And a bit chunky too!!!!  IMG_7040


Then a little while longer I ran into this doe along with her two fawns.  IMG_7054


Is this pic of one of the fawns alone adorable or what???!!  IMG_7068





The next morning was even colder than the one before, but the weather had completely cleared up and it was a beautiful day to hike out.  Hope you enjoyed coming along with me.  Happy Trails!


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