It’s a Big and Crazy Desert Out There!

Like I spoke of in my last post, we met up with a bunch of friends as a reunion in Quartzsite, AZ.  It is a pretty crazy group and because of that we ALWAYS have fun!!  When we first arrived, since we were earlier than the “official” start of things, there were a relatively small crowd.  We decided to take a day trip down to Algadones, Mexico.  For Sal and I, it was our first trip there and we had a BLAST!  Here’s a pic of our motley crew where we ate some lunch. 

The food was incredible too!  Then we spent time walking around and did the whole “tourist” thing!  This was the first place I’d been to where you can taste your tequila before you buy!  It was pretty crazy! 
On another day, there was a few of us that took off into the real middle of the desert to the Desert Bar.  Actually named the Nellie E. Saloon is located in the middle of the Buckskin Mountains.  The view along the way is so beautiful, but it’s quite the drive along this long dirt road.  IMG_9329Eventually, we did make it out to the bar!  It’s hard to believe anything is out here thriving, but then you arrive.  IMG_9351
The land used to be an old copper mining camp, although when Ken, the owner and builder of the saloon, purchased the land in 1975, there was already nothing left of the camp. 
He used to have to use this old fire truck to haul water up to the bar.  In 1997, he drilled a new well that operates on solar power along with everything else in the saloon.  IMG_9355And how many places have you visited where the view as you exit your stall in the restroom gives you a view like this??!!  Just keep in mind that there are no windows there!  It is just an open air thing!  IMG_9363

Imagine my real surprise when I heard a helicopter landing while I was washing my hands too!  And then, lo and behold….there it was!  IMG_9367

They were selling rides around the mountains if you wanted to pay for it!  They even have live music and dancing!  IMG_9390
And you can’t forget the church!  It is made of solid steel and is a unique place!    IMG_9392

They are no services held there, but it’s a great place to stop by!  The view of the inside that you see here in this photo is the ENTIRE inside!  IMG_9394

Here’s a view from the side…IMG_9400

We definitely had a great time at the Desert Bar!!
Of course, we had to have quite a few happy hours out in the desert while we were there!  Joe had to break out the Margarator to share!  IMG_9468
And it wouldn’t be a reunion of the Class of 2007 without Sal doing his rendition of “Bad to the Bone” again!  It has become a mandatory thing!  Since Silly Al’s in town didn’t have karaoke until later, Jim Tidball found a way to play it on his phone so Sal could just sing (and dance) along next to the campfire.  IMG_9491

We also had a very nice memorial service for four of our '”classmates” that we’ve been unfortunate to lose over the last four years.  It was an amazing service for Paul Anderson, Patty Landry, Keith Curry, and Jay Carter.  IMG_9565Four people who are dearly missed. 

Some people have a whole lot of spare time on their hands out in the middle of the desert.  Close by where we were staying, another group had spent some time creating a representation of the United States with rocks, complete with state abbreviations and everything!  IMG_9578

A new member of our class, many of us had a whole lot of fun getting to know D.O.G.  Is she adorable or what????  IMG_9566


And of course, no RV get-together is complete without many, many potlucks and whole lots of great food!!  We did our fair share of that for sure!  IMG_9606
It’s definitely so great to be able to see so many good friends all in one place and of course, to meet new ones too!  We had an amazing time while in Quartzsite!  And the sunsets were pretty amazing too!!  IMG_9446

IMG_9622We had to do a group shot while we were there too!  Here’s the gaggle of us that Jim Tidball set up on timer with his camera.  Thanks, Jim!  01.18.12 2007 Reunion

Hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to Arizona!  Happy Trails!


  1. What a great blog post, Bobbie. Your photos are outstanding as usual. We did have a good time together, didn't we?


  2. Wonderful post Bobbie! Thanks for sharing! We sure missed being there...hugs to all!!

  3. Great post Kiddo. So glad you left out those pictures of ya'll giving me a hard time...We miss you alot. Can't wait until wemeet up again.


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