Moving On Down the Road

I can’t believe how much time has passed by since my last blog post!  I’m going to try my best to get caught back up again in the next few days!  We’ve spent the last few months enjoying so much time with family and friends that the blog got pushed aside for a while! 

After we left Natchez, we headed down south to Alabama to visit my parents.  While we were there, we had to have some work done on the rig and get some new tires for it.  And, unfortunately, I had to spend way too many days seeing a doctor and having tests done, but at least we had a place to stay put and get all these things done that can be difficult when you’re on the road and in this lifestyle.  My Dad was able to pass along the name of his “fix-it” guy for their RV.  Let me tell ya, he led us to the right place!  If any of my RVing friends are reading this and their RV needs any repairs, and if there’s a way to get it to Alabama, this is the guy to go to!  Dave at Bay City RV in Theodore took great care of us and for a lot less money than other places would have! 

Sal and I did take a day to drive down to Gulf State Park.  Ya gotta stop and see some birds…  IMG_9098

And then we headed over to the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail.  I’m not sure what you might call a backcountry trail, but this paved bikeway didn’t seem to match my expectations of backcountry, but it was still a pretty area.  IMG_9105





We did get to watch a couple of Bald Eagles flying around for a while though.  I have always loved these magnificent birds!  IMG_9114

A few days before we left, we were treated to an amazing show right behind the house.  All of a sudden outside there was a sea of white birds in this middle of the field.  IMG_9190

After a bit of watching you could tell that it was a whole bunch of gulls!  I’ve never seen so many at the same place unless I was at the beach!  It was pretty cool to watch them take off and then come back again.  IMG_9188


After great holidays with family, we left Alabama and headed towards Texas to meet up with our friends, Mike & Jackie.  We stopped our first night on the road in Livingston, LA at the Lakeside RV Park and I watched this beautiful swan swim close by.  IMG_9205

And then the next night we stayed in the Turtle Bayou RV Park in Texas where there was another pretty view behind our rig.  IMG_9211

After having a great New Year’s celebration with great friends, we left Texas and started heading to Quartzsite, AZ.  We were getting together with our friends from the “Class of 2007” which just means that we all started our full-time RVing during the year of 2007.  A bunch of us got together back in January of 2008, and this was planned as a reunion.  We hadn’t seen many of these people in the past four years and some we’ve seen here and there along the road. 

Quartzsite and all that we did while there HAS to have it’s own blog post, so that will be next!  I promise I won’t leave you hangin’ for long!  Happy Trails!


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