East to Arizona ….. Again

After having a fantastic time in California, we headed back east over to Arizona.  We went to the Escapees park in Congress, AZ so we could get the rig weighed.  We timed it well though.  A couple days after we arrived, they had their La Fiesta celebration.  I guess this is their “spring is coming” celebration.  It began with a parade in the morning.  The line dancers got it all started.  IMG_0089

They really had some crazy stuff in this parade!!  I couldn’t quite figure out a bunch of it, but that’s okay!  We just sat back, watched, and laughed!IMG_0096

IMG_0105IMG_0104Later in the day, they had more activities going on too, including some marshmallow golf.  Yes, I said marshmallow golf!  Even Sal decided to give it a try.  Don’t worry, Tiger, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Winking smile 
IMG_0119They played “baseball” too.  We wished we had known about this earlier because we might have tried to sign up for a team, but it was still fun to watch.  They used bean bags and threw them into these boards to determine how many bases they got.  I’d never seen these kind of boards before.  IMG_0121

These people take their competitions very seriously too.  They were doing group calisthenics and rah-rah sessions and everything!  IMG_0128


It was a really fun day! 
Unfortunately, my computer got a nasty virus so we had to make a take a drive to Prescott a couple of times, which was not a bad place to have to travel to.  While we were staying here we got out our mountain bikes and got in quite a few rides.  We hadn’t ridden in quite a while so we really enjoyed it.  We had some beautiful views of the desert along the way. 

Imagine our huge surprise though on the occasions (which was about every time we went out on the trails on our bikes) that we ran into some of these guys out in the middle of nowhere!  IMG_0171
It really wasn’t too bad except when they stopped and looked at us like we suddenly easy food for them or something for them to attack!  LOL
We also took a day and did a walking tour of Wickenburg, or I should say what they called a walking tour of Wickenburg.  Overall, it was a little disappointing but at least it gave us something to do.  It started down by the Santa Fe Railroad Engine No. 761 and the Drover Caboose. 

The Vernetta Hotel (1905) was originally a hotel specifically built to serve railroad passengers and early day tourists to the area.  It was heated by nine fireplaces and has a community kitchen and an outdoor barbecue area. 
My favorite part of the tour took us down to the Jail Tree.  This 200 year-old mesquite tree once served as the town jail due to their lack of a hoosegow.  From 1863 to 1890 outlaws were simply chained to the tree.  Believe or not, escapees were unknown!  IMG_0179

We were lucky enough to have some spectacular views of the full moon over the desert from our site in Congress while we were there!  We left Congress and headed down to Why, AZ where we visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, but that actually deserves it’s own post, so that one is coming up next.  Check back again soon! 
Happy Trails everyone!


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