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Happy New Year

As I’ve been reading and catching up on the blogs that I read regularly,  I realized everyone is recapping their 2012 year.  I also realized, for multiple reasons, that I did a horrible job of keeping up on my blog this past year!  This makes it about impossible for me to just try to recap the whole year in one blog post at this point!  LOL  I’ve been thinking for a little while what the best way was for me to get back into blogging again, and I’ve decided that even though it has all already happened I am still going to cover all that happened and what we saw and did over the summer of 2012 in the Tetons in the blog!  Who says that just because most everyone else writes about what is going on right NOW in their blogs that I have to do it that same way?  It seems I spend much of my life doing things differently than many others do anyway, so why stop now, right????  Besides, we had all kinds of wonderful fun that I still want to share!
A lot of the reason that blog posts didn’t get don…