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7/20 - 7/24/09 Denali National Park

We were very excited about our trip to Denali National Park. I've dreamed of visiting this place since I was in college and my advisor showed many photos and slides of this area from when he was a park ranger up here. It certainly lived up to all I had dreamed and even more!!!!! On our way into where our campground is, we saw a bunch of little birds running off the side of the road. Here's one of the little baby ptarmagins that we saw! These are the Alaska state bird (although many still think it's the mosquito! ;-) ) When we arrived at our campsite, we had to get the shoehorn out to get all situated inside. Actually once we got settled in, it was a really great site! The next couple of photos were the view from the river behind our campsite. There was a small trail leading right down to it. These were the views the next morning before we got started heading into the park. We took a shuttle bus into the park all the way to the other end and back

7/15/09 Exit Glacier

So after fighting the mosquitoes for two nights, we decided to take off out of Gridwood and headed down towards Seward to see Exit Glacier inside Kenai Fjords National Park. It's the only place inside all of the National Park that you can drive to. Besides we found a great campground inside the nearby National Forest that had hardly any of the little biting insects!! This is the first view we got of the glacier. It's a pretty awesome site to turn around the corner to see. A moderate hike up to the side of it was well worth the view! Nature still amazes me as if I were a small child. Cool shit!!! Here's looking up the side of the glacier. The depth of the ice was unbelievable! We could hear it cracking and separating! It was pretty wild!! Check out the blue ice in the crevices! To see it up close was incredible! It's so beautiful!! Here's what the glacier looked like from the front. It's amazing to see how much it has ret

7/13 & 7/14 Girdwood, Alaska

Okay, so I know I've fallen a bit behind in my blogging, so I'll try to get back up to date with a few posts. So, we decided to take a break from the ranch and headed over to Girdwood to hang out, do a little camping and go for a great mountain bike ride! The camping was great except for the massive amount of mosquitoes hanging in the campground! We went to check out a trail called Winner Creek and a lot of the trail was actually boardwalk like this that wound through the trees. It made for a stunning trail ride, but makes you a bit nervous while you're making sure not to wander too much with your front tire, cause if you do, you'll end up falling right off the side!! And then a large part of the trail went right along the side of a mountain too, which was even more mind-blowing! I didn't get photos of that part; I didn't do much stopping there!!!!!! It was all gorgeous!!!! We didn't realize it until we had started on the trail, but we were rid

Salmon Fishing along Russian River

We went salmon fishing for the first time while here this last week. We couldn't believe the number of people all trying to fish in one location!! They call it "combat fishing" and for very good reason! I got tangled with other people and came close to getting hit in the eye with someone else's hook! Yikes!!!! And we didn't even catch any fish! Well, we each had one on our respective lines, but they released themselves before we could get to the side of the river. Still had tons of fun!! And of course in the area that we weren't allowed to fish in, the salmon were literally just hanging out together and catching some rest!!! They've got a lot of hard work ahead of them!!! Well, even if we didn't catch fish, the scenery was still beautiful! This black bear actually scared the shit out of me! I heard a noise above me and so turned around and up above me on the hill was this guy! He was looking right into my eyes too!!!!