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09/18/09 - 09/21/09 Dawson City to Stewart, BC

So, at this point, we left Dawson City, Yukon and headed down the rest of the Klondike Highway and then over to the Cassiar Highway which was more new territory for us on our trip south. Here is the Yukon River, which we traveled along for quite some time as we left Dawson City. The continuation of the fall colors were still so incredible!! While we were in Dawson City we watched a video on the area and its history and learned about this location along the Yukon River. Five Finger Rapids was named by early miners for the 5 channels, or fingers, formed by the rock pillars. They used to bring really large ships through this area, which was quite hazardous. Aeroplane Lake with some hills behind. The views along this highway were just so awesome! I couldn't even find a name for this waterfall along the highway anywhere. As pretty as it is, this surprised me. Oh well. I still enjoyed it just the same! Here are the Cassiar Mountains above the fall c

9/17/09 Dawson City in Yukon

Dawson City, Yukon is the heart of the world-famous Klondike Gold Rush. It is a town full of history and still full of gold seekers that are looking for their share! We took a walk through town and learned about it's history and checked out some of the original buildings from their heyday. It was a lot of fun! It was fun to try to imagine the place covered in miners trying to decide how to spend their newest finds! All the streets in town are still dirt and the sidewalks were still plank wood. You really did feel as if you had stepped way back in time!! Some of the buildings were a bit older than others, but still made for some good photos! The second night we were in town, we all headed over to Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall & Casino, the oldest casino in Canada. It is named after bona fide dance hall queen Diamond Tooth Gertie. During the Gold Rush of 1898, in order to distinguish herself from numerous Klondike kings and queens

9/16/09 Top of The World Highway

After visiting Chicken, we drove up and over the Top of The World Highway which takes you through to Canada. Almost all of the road was dirt/gravel so the going was slow, but the views were pretty astounding! Although we had a whole lot of clouds, we were very happy to not get any rain as we traveled up and over. The road looked as if it went on and on right into infinity!! Then we arrived in a place called Boundary, AK. Unfortunately, it shut down in the last year or two. It was actually the oldest roadhouse in Alaska though!! Sad that it shut down, but it was still fun to check out! A photo to show how much it really does seem that you are indeed driving up and over the top of the world!!!!! And another one. I thought it was remarkable that there was even anyone at the Canadian Border when we got there!! They do actually close it down though for the winter! I can see why!! The highway ends at the Yukon River and then the only w

9/15/09 - 9/16/09 Kenai to Chicken, Alaska

Okay, I've gotten a little behind in my blogging, so I'm going to do a few entries to catch back up. I was going to try to do them all at once, but I couldn't pare down the pics that far. Way too beautiful of a drive back south! Check out the scenes! Gorgeous scenery along the road!! Those are our friends, Glen and MaryJane in front of us. We traveled with them for quite a few miles and had a great time! The trees changing into fall were incredible along the way! So much more than we ever expected! We couldn't stop saying wow ot each other as we drove! Couldn't resist taking a pic of the rig with all those colors behind it! Nice place for a lunch stop! I just couldn't believe this view! It's a lake right along the road and then with those fall trees surrounding it! Wow! We saw this same glacier on our way into Alaska, but it sure looks different now! The trees definitely add something more and when we came through bef

Saying Goodbye to Alaska

9/8/09 So, we're winding things down and getting ready to leave our Alaska home and head back south to the "lower 48." We've had an amazing time here and done so many incredible things! We've also met some wonderful new friends! Before we pack up and drive away, of course I HAD to take a few more photos of the views around the ranch. This RV Park is like no other I've ever seen. This is an aerial view of the park with the big building of different colors being where the office sits and there are suites in that building that they rent out to guests as well. On the far right, there is one of their cabins that they also rent out and then there's also the RV park itself. The kids of the Martin family would make homemade cinnamon rolls (mighty fine ones) on Friday nights and then sell them with coffee or hot chocolate Saturday mornings from this two-story People Mover Bus. This is the one and only garden I've ever seen wh