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Washington to SoCal & Waterfalls in between!!!

I've been a little remiss in my blogging over the last couple of weeks. Been busy visiting family and friends along our southward trip. I'll try to catch you up on photos though. We left Washington and headed into Oregon to see Grandma in her new place. The Columbia River was beautiful!! It seperates Washington and Oregon. See the tunnel on the other side of the Columbia River there? Well, we found out after we had already traveled a couple of hours that those things weren't tall enough for our rig to drive through!! Our fault though because we actually do have a map atlas that lists low clearances. If we had only read ahead!!! Thankfully, there was a bridge that took us over to the side we could actually drive on. And can you believe it?? The name of the bridge is Bridge of the Gods! Must answer all kinds of prayers! ;-) We stayed in a county campground just outside of this little bitty town of Moro, Oregon. We were amazed that there was even an

10/2 -- 10/06/09 -- Seattle to Mount Saint Helen's in Oregon

We had to have one of our slides looked at on our house and then after that, we headed further south. We went to Port Ludlow to visit family. We love this area of Washington. It is beautiful! We had a really great time visiting and hanging out. We spent one day and headed over on the ferry to Seattle. We all went on a tour of the underground. I didn't even know it existed before this! This photo shows one of the original hotels in Seattle from the mid 1800s when the city first started. Then after they realized they built the city on sinking earth, they actually raised the city streets by building walls starting at 10 feet tall and then filled them in with fill. When this happened, the street level was up to the second story of buildings like this. So all of a sudden, the second story of all these original buildings of the city were now street level!! Here is an old Teller's Cage from a bank in the underground. It's supposed to be haunted, but we didn&#

9/23/09 to now -- Stewart, BC to enter into the US!

So, as we were leaving Stewart, we still got to see so many more waterfalls along the sides of the canyon! They were all so wonderful! Here is Moricetown Falls on the Bulkley River in Moricetown. It was all so gorgeous!! If you look more closely at the pic to the left, you'll see walkways and that orange thing is a little shelter. This is all there so that the First Nations can dip-net fish here. We watched for a little bit and they were catching some nice Silver Salmons! This water wheel was downtown as we passed through the town of Quesnel, BC. I just thought it looked pretty cool. We stopped in the town of 100 Mile House (yes, that really is the name of the town) to stretch our legs and take a little hike up to Bridge Creek Falls. Later, we took a little side road out to this chasm. At the close of the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago, a stream fed by melitng ice cascaded over a falls forming this chasm by cutting in

09/22/09 Hyder, Alaska

So, we took the drive down the road towards Salmon Glacier in Hyder, Alaska. There were waterfalls coming down on both sides of the valley. With glaciers and snow up above, all the meltoff just shows up in the most beautiful way down below!! Even though we were in Alaska, this area was actually part of a rain forest. It doesn't seem like it should be, but who knew!! This moss was hanging down from many of the trees. It was cool!! We stopped by Fish Creek, which is where you're supposed to be able to see bears hanging out a lot eating the salmon that come up the creek. We waited and waited, but no bears came to visit. This crane was fun to watch though!! So, we gave up and kept driving up the road and then this bear was just walking along the road!! We watched it for a little bit and then it walked into the bushes. We moved the truck and then just waited a few seconds and out it came again behind us! I jumped out and took pics and it just kept