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Travel Stop in Arizona & On To California

Okay so after we left Texas we continued to travel westward towards California.  Along the way, we made a stopover in Phoenix, AZ to visit our good friends Dave & Jeanene.  Wow!  Who knew that Phoenix had so much to offer visitors?!?!  Okay, I’m sure a bunch of you knew it, but we didn’t.  First off, we headed to Matt’s Big Breakfast to get kind of a brunch to eat.  This place was amazing!!  And it was even visited and featured on the Food Network, and they had the markings to prove it.  LOL  The food was incredible!!  The place itself is extremely small!!  When you arrive, they have a pad of paper outside that you just add your name to and then you wait, but boy is it worth it!!!   So, if you ever find yourself in Phoenix, looking for a great breakfast or lunch (between the four of us, we sampled both!)  check out Matt’s Big Breakfast!!  After we all ate ourselves into oblivion, we went for a drive around town.  And then Dave drove us up to the top of South Mountain Park/Preser

Travel Stop in Texas

So, we took off from Alabama about a week ago and hit the road west!  We had to move along at a quicker pace than we usually travel to get to California in time for our reservations at the State Park.  But we did plan ahead enough to visit some friends along the way.  First off, we stayed a night in Mississippi after we left at a cute little RV Park in Kinder.  We arrived later than we usually like to, but we got a better look at the place early the next morning.  After that, we headed to Texas to meet up with our good friends in Rockport, Texas.  Here’s the view of the Gulf that we had as we were heading into town.  The reason we drove this way was to stop and see Mike & Jackie.  We worked with them while in Grand Teton last summer. They come down to Rockport in the winters and work a few hours a week for their site and that way they can be close to their kids for the holidays and such.  This was our first time down in this area of Texas.  They took us out for a little tour

Time Flies By!!

I know I’ve heard it before, and read about it many times, but time really does seem to just fly on by!  And apparently, so my parents keep telling me, it gets worse the older you get!!  I don’t think I want to look forward to that!!  LOL!  We are getting ready to leave Alabama and start heading west this Saturday, but it still feels like we just arrived!!  We definitely have had a wonderful time though!  I’ve already shared in an earlier blog some of the amazing places that we’ve eaten to try to get our fill of good ole southern cookin’ while we can!  But I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of our very favorite places to eat in Lower Alabama.  It is the Original Oyster House .  There are two locations, this one in Gulf Shores where we normally go and one along the causeway to Mobile.    They have delicious crab cakes, red beans & rice, turnip greens, and hushpuppies!!  Love that southern food!!!  Anyway, the view’s not too bad either!!  And since I’m still talking about

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  I hope this finds everyone spending their holiday the way that they wish and with family and/or friends.  I also hope this finds everyone and theirs happy and healthy!  We are with family in Alabama this year and having a great time!  It’s actually been a month since we arrived and I just haven’t gotten up to date with my blog until now.  We stayed the night before arriving here in Hattiesburg, LA at a wonderful Passport America park called Okatoma Resort & RV Park .  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend a stay at this cute place.  The new owners are extremely nice and friendly.  The next day, we drove through Mobile, AL on our way to my parents in Marlow. We started our visit off right by visiting some of our favorite places to eat the very next day!!  McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, FL was our first stop.  Talk about some great food!!  They still sell Senate Bean Soup for only 10 cents!!  The ceilings are also covered in dollar bills