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Sinks Canyon State Park Wyoming

We left Cheyenne and stopped over in Casper, WY and have now landed in Lander for a little bit before heading to Grand Teton National Park. We had some beautiful scenery along the way! We also saw some pretty cool wildlife along the way! We saw so many Pronghorn, we lost track of numbers!! I just love the way they look!! These Bald Eagles were in a lake just across the street from where we’re staying in Lander. Beautiful!!!!!! Today, we visited Sinks Canyon State Park and were fascinated by them! This is the “Sinks” which is a series of cracks & crevices in the back of this cavern. The water of the Popo Agie River flows into this and disappears underground for the next 1/4 mile. Then then the water comes back into the “Rise” but it takes two hours for the water to travel that 1/4 mile!! They sill don’t know why it takes so long. More water flows out than flows in too. Here’s the power plant that provided electricity to Lander until 1955. I

Last Few Days

So, we left Montrose the other day and headed to Buena Vista, CO and hung out there so we could meet up with our friends for lunch in Salida. Along the way from Montrose, we passed along the largest lake in Colorado. Blue Mesa Reservoir. The views were beautiful!!! Then, of course, we drove through some more awesome mountains! The next day we met up with our friends, Bobbie & Jim Chapman in Salida for lunch. I couldn’t get my camera to work while we were there. Once I was home, I was trying to figure it out. Realized I forgot to put the battery back in it!! DUH! Anyway, lucky for me, Bobbie brought her camera with her. Thanks Bobbie!! After a great tour from Jim of the town of Salida, CO, we headed back towards Buena Vista and drove around the area. We just started driving towards the mountains to see what we could see. We saw some awesome mountain views and beautiful creekside views.

Horsefly Brewery Montrose, CO

For any of you who like a good beer and find yourself in Montrose, CO, I highly recommend a stopover at the Horsefly Brewery.  It’s a little tiny place that just began in September 2009, but who is also already moving to a larger location because of their popularity.    It’s very welcoming with tables both inside and out and even big arm chair too.      If you can figure out how to get this golf ball on the tee inside the globe, you can even get a free beer!  Sal tried, but no luck.  A few others got it while we were there though.   The people here are awesome along with the beer!  Here’s one of the owners, Melanie, along with her daughter.  Sal’s enjoying the beer!!     This is Dwayne.  He’ll cook up some fine grub while you’re there!  The homemade cheese fries rock!!     The decor inside is so cool too.  There’s all kinds of stuff to read while you’re using the restroom!  I just had to go back to take pics!             We

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

  So, we spent the day yesterday at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  We had never heard of this park before, but I came across some info on it online and made the decision to check it out.  What a beautiful place!!!!  If you’re ever in the area of Montrose or Gunnison, Colorado I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!     Here’s the view down to the Gunnison River from the Pulpit Rock Overlook.           Canyon wall from Cross Fissures.      This is called Painted Wall.  It is the tallest cliff in Colorado.  It is 2300 feet tall.  If the Empire State Building stood on the canyon floor, it would stand just slightly more than halfway to the top of the cliff.  The patterns on the wall were created more than a billion years ago!!!     It is so amazing!!       All the Pinyon Pines are so cool too.  They have always fascinated me!          We heard that rafting along this river is incredibl