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Another Week in the Tetons!!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last post!  We’ve been busy with work now that things are starting to open up.  The campground’s open and has been a bit busier than expected.  But things are all definitely good.  Well, except for that pesky weather!  We’ve gotten even more snow a few times this last week.  One storm really just decided to dump on us quickly!!         We just sat in the house shaking our heads as we kept saying to each other, “I can’t believe this snow!!” We’ve also had a few nice days in between too.  One day was just beautiful so I had to get out and take a few more photos!!  The clouds hanging on the mountains were just amazing!!! View Full Album We’ve seen quite a few more animals.  Just yesterday, I saw the cutest little Pine Marten!!  Of course, my camera wasn’t with me at the time because I was at work!  Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I was able to find this pic to show you what they look like.  Sal saw another black

Bobbie’s Finally Working!!!

Well, since we finally had some nice weather for a little while, we were able to wash the house.  And during the process, Sal ended up on the roof and after telling me about the view I had to check it out, with camera in tow of course!  He was right, the view was way cool! In the pic on the left, you can even see Jackson Lake between the trees! Later that day we went for a short drive and stopped at one of the overlooks to check out some new signs that I saw posted there.  Turns out they closed the trails into the Willow Flats due to a lot of bear activity!  Hmmm.  Wonder if one of them is the same bear that left the tracks on my last hike?  Anyway, at that same overlook were a bunch of these little Yellowheaded Blackbirds.  They are so cute!!  They were definitely looking for handouts too.  They hit up every single car as it drove in, without fail!!  It was quite entertaining to watch! The next day, while Sal unfortunately had to work again, I went for a bike r

Nice Weather & Hiking Finally!!

Well, the WiFi let me down.  That’s the down side to trying to always use free WiFi to connect to the internet.  Sometimes, you’re just stuck with nothing and you get behind.  Well, we finally got some beautiful weather up here and I took full advantage of it as soon as it arrived!  Unfortunately, Sal had to work so I had to play alone, but I still made best of it!  ;-) Friday morning, the sun was shining without a cloud to be seen!  Looking out of the side windows of the house, this is the sight that awaited us. After seeing that, I changed my plans and decided to go for a hike!  On my way to the trailhead, I just had to stop over at Oxbow Bend to check out the reflections.  Gorgeous!! Then I headed over to take my hike.  I decided to take a short little hike of about 10-1/2 miles.  What was I thinking?!  I saw a few animal tracks that got me a little nervous while I was out there…. Check out the grizzly, mountain lion, and probably wolf tracks that I ran across

We’re settling in

Well, we’re settling into life at Grand Teton National Park.  We’ve met new friends that we already enjoy spending time with.  We all went out to dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge where they have the best nachos I think I’ve ever had!! I forgot to take a picture before we started eating them.  This is after we’ve already eaten quite a bit!  And I say WE because BOTH Sal and I were munching on these same nachos!  They arrive at the table piled high like crazy!!  And they taste awesome too!!! This is Mike & Jackie, Janine & Dave, and Nancy & Mike.  When we arrived there, they all told us that we HAD to try the nachos.  They were definitely right!! And although the weather really still hasn’t been too great since we’ve arrived, we’ve had some nice weather moments.  I took advantage of one of those moments and got these new photos of the Tetons.  View Full Album We’ve also been able to see more wildlife which is always a good thing to us!  These American White Pelic

In The Tetons! And Our First Teton Bear!!!

We made it!  We came up to Grand Teton National Park a day early.  We looked up the weather report and they were calling for snow last night and today, so we came up Monday.  We’re glad we did! This is what we drove through to get here, but it did snow even more that night! Last Sunday, we drove up to Dubois for the day, but was actually a little disappointed.  Being a Sunday, many places in the town were closed.  Some of it may have just been the time of the year too.  It’s a little early for their busy season.  But we had lunch in town and walked along the shops and looked in windows.  And then we decided to do a test drive up to the Tetons since it was only another 53 miles to get there!  The drive to Dubois was a pretty one though.  We saw more Pronghorn along the way!  And tons of deer too!  In fact, driving back towards Lander where we were staying we saw so many Pronghorn and Mule Deer, we lost track! This canyon that we drove through was also beautiful!  The rock was

Hot Springs! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

Took a drive yesterday out to Thermopolis, WY which claims to have the “Worlds Largest Mineral Hot Springs.”  Much of the drive was through rolling hills and was very pretty.  All of a sudden as we were driving through the small town of Shoshoni this guy was just hanging out along the side of the road. I just love Pronghorns!!  Their coloring and markings just fascinate me!! Shortly after that, we got to the Boysen Reservoir and State Park.  There were tons of campgrounds along the reservoir and tons of people fishing out there.   Hopefully they weren’t just fishin’ but actually catchin’!  Then we started to head into Wind River Canyon which was amazing! The Wind River through the canyon was simply gorgeous!   The cliffs above were equally incredible!!! There are some interesting tunnels through the rock too.  There’s a series of three of them.    Then we could see our destination in front of us….. The hot springs were a bit disappointing to look at.  It appears that man