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More Lakes to Hike to

Okay, I’m still trying to catch up on blogging about our hikes.  We made an amazing hike to a few more lakes, but this time they were in neighboring Bridger-Teton National Forest.  It was a beautiful drive through the Togwotee Pass (pronounced toe-go-tee) which is located on the Continental Divide in the Absaroka Mountains.  It looked just a bit different driving over the pass this time compared to back in May when we were arriving in the area!! We had to take a dirt road back along Brooks Lake Creek to get to the trailhead.  Then we finally arrived at Brooks Lake which is where we began our hike.  This entire area was just so beautiful!  And all of the wildflowers that were blooming just added to it all!!  I love this Monument Plant ( Frasera speciosa) that was along the trail.  It’s green flowers were so fascinating!  And the views of the volcanic pinnacles above were beautiful.  We completely fell in love with this area.  After a few miles, we arrived at Upper Jade Lake.  It wa

Bradley & Taggart Lakes

We were looking for a hike to do about a week or so ago, and decided to re-hike a trail that we hiked almost two years ago because we knew we enjoyed it back then.  First along our way to the trailhead, we couldn’t resist taking this photo of the reflections in the lake!  Simply breathtaking!!! Then off to the trail.  We began by hiking over Taggart Creek where the trail opened up a bit and this was our amazing view!!  Once we got up to Taggart Lake, we had a little visitor welcoming us!  The lake was amazing!  The still waters showed the surrounding mountains reflected so beautifully!    Across the lake, we saw this waterfall coming down from one of the glaciers up above.  We could actually hear the water from it all the way on this side!! Then after a little break at Taggart Lake, it was further up the trail to towards Bradley Lake.  All of a sudden, we looked over and saw this cute little Western Tanager singing us a song!  Gorgeous!!  Then further up the trail, we finally arriv

Gros Ventre Wilderness Area

We took a trip out to the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area which is south of Grand Teton National Park by about 40 miles or so. We were heading out to take a hike to Granite Creek Falls. As we turned off of the main highway and into the wilderness area, we realized how beautiful it was!! The dirt road was a very rough one, especially with our truck, but the views along Granite Creek was well worth the trip! Due to confusing information in our hiking book, it took us a little while to figure out exactly where the trailhead was, but we finally did. We took off on our journey to see the waterfall. The views of the Gros Ventre Range were still incredible!! This is Pyramid Peak right in front of us as we cross through the brush and wildflowers. And then we traveled through a meadow area where Granite Creek flows peacefully through. The valley through here was so beautiful! And the mountains above were also incredible. All of a sudden we turned aroun

BEAUTIFUL Garnet Canyon

We headed off the other day into Garnet Canyon on a wonderful hike. We read about it in a hiking book and we thought we knew what to expect. Along the drive to the trailhead, the view across Jackson Lake was amazing!!! As we approached the trailhead, we had to drive over this one-lane wooden bridge over Cottonwood Creek. These bridges always make me nervous only because our truck is so big and heavy. And as always, we made it over it just fine. And then further up the road to the trailhead itself. From the parking lot we could see this waterfall above. It had so much water coming down it, we could actually hear it too. Best I can tell from maps is that this is Glacier Falls which heads up at Delta Lake. Shortly after starting the hike, we crossed over a side creek from the Glacier Creek. The trail quickly climbed and climbed and climbed. Most of the trails around here have a tendency to do that. The view from higher up is pretty incredible though! This is looking d