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Cascade Canyon – A Favorite

Cascade Canyon is one of my favorite places here in Grand Teton.  I say one of, I have MANY!!  But I do love this canyon!  We decided to hike up the canyon on one of our last days off of work.  You can either hike around Jenny Lake to get to the trailhead or you can take a shuttle boat across.  We chose the latter so we could have more time in the canyon itself.  After getting off the boat, the trail leads you up Cascade Canyon Creek, which is an amazing creek that is so peaceful along the way.  As you continue up the trail, you arrive at Hidden Falls.   A beautiful waterfall!  After the falls, you can continue up the trail for another half-mile to arrive at Inspiration Point.   It is a pretty inspiring view!!!  Below is Jenny Lake. After Inspiration Point, the trail starts back up the canyon itself.  The views are amazing!  In this photo, the mountain on the far left is Teewinot and on the right with all the snow on it is Mt. Owen, with the Grand Teton being in the middle behind the

Misc Update 09/13/2010

Well, things have slowed down a bit in the park, but only by a little.  We’ve slowed down as the end of the season prepares as well.   A few weeks ago, we went on a great whitewater rafting trip with a bunch of the kids I worked with!  They have actually all left too so they could head back to school etc.  They are really great kids too, so I really miss them!!  Anyway, as you can imagine, we weren’t allowed to take along cameras at all, so I didn’t get photos of the beautiful canyon wall scenery that we got to see.  They did have photographers sitting up on top of a tall rock so they could snap everyone’s picture as you got ready to go over Big Kahuna Rapids.  Of course, they offered them for sale at a local shop.  They did turn out pretty good though, so the group purchased some and then they made the rounds being scanned.            We completely lucked out with an amazingly beautiful day with warm temps, blue skies, and happy times!!!!         I can’t ev

Backpacking – Day 3

After a good night’s sleep, we got to see another beautiful sunrise on the canyon walls above us!!  The night before we were convinced (for a while) that the trail would lead us close enough to the creek in the bottom of the canyon, but no such luck.  We could hear it most of the time, but we remained high above it.  So when we finally stopped for the night, we needed to think about how we wanted to use the water we had.  So when morning hit, we each had a cup of coffee and ate dry snacks before hitting the trail.   We knew later in a little while we would be crossing the creek so we’d eat better later.  So off we went!  The views continued to be amazing!  We hadn’t seen a soul on the trail the day before, and we were so enjoying the time in nature!!  More waterfalls on the other side of the canyon!! More wildlife to entertain us!!  Then we finally arrived at the creek crossing.  Time for more coffee and a GOOOOOOD breakfast!!!  First we enjoyed the scenery!!!    Then we g

Backpacking – Day 2

I started this post immediately after finishing up the post for Day 1, but unfortunately got a bit sick, so sorry for the delay.  Here goes ….. The morning sunrise on day two was beyond beautiful!!  I went out to find a place to go to the bathroom and this is what I got to look up at.  And then I happened to glance over to the right down to where the creek was and there stood two moose walking through the willows.  What an amazing way to start the day!!  Unfortunately, by the time I finished my business (if ya know what I mean) and grabbed a camera, the moose were out of sight behind some trees.  So, we ate some great corn cakes for breakfast and packed up and hit the trails for our toughest day of the trip.  Here’s a pic of the creek close to our first night’s camp and where the moose had been hanging out earlier.  At first, the hike wasn’t too difficult.  It was all very beautiful!!    After a few miles, we turned onto the Open Canyon Trail which headed up and up and up towa