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Grand Ole Opry Tour

Of course, a visit to Nashville wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Grand Ole Opry.  We drove over there mainly to see where we would be driving to attend the program we had tickets for and ended up taking a behind the scenes tour of the place.  Out front they had it all decorated for fall.  And they also had some big guitars to have some fun with too!  We found out when we arrived that the Grand Ole Opry was celebrating 85 years!  It is the longest running radio show in North America!  And they have only been back in business in the Opry building for a few weeks after they were completely flooded in May of this year.  The mall that it sits next to it was still closed and looked like it will continue to be closed for some time to come.  The radio show had to be aired from other locations immediately following the flood until now.  We began our tour as if we were the star arriving to perform!!  Kind of a cool dream!! This fountain sits outside of the Opry and was bequeathed by

Getting to Nashville

Well, it seems we finally got the truck fixed as it should be!  We spent a couple of nights in Lincoln, Nebraska taking care of it, and then finally got back on the road south!  We continued through Illinois and into Missouri and through St. Louis.  We took the requisite pictures while driving by.  And then I won’t bore you with all the photos, but I still found it interesting that we crossed over four major rivers in one day!  We traveled over the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers.  Here’s the latter of the four as we crossed over the bridge.  Our next stop was a stay in Nashville, TN.  We were really looking forward this!  We got all parked in the Nashville Country RV Park, and I even hesitate to put the full name in this blog because I’m NOT trying to promote them.  I am not including a link to a website or anything, because although the park itself was nice enough the manager was anything BUT nice!  And we even gave her multiple opportunities.  So, just be awar

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Well, we have finally begun our travels!  They haven’t gone exactly as planned either.  We first left Grand Teton National Park very, very early on Saturday morning with our friends.  Here’s a picture of them when we were all having a good time at the end of season party.  From the left, that’s Jackie, Dave, Jeanene, Mike, and Sal.  We all had a great time that night!  Anyway, these were the other couples that we were traveling with.  We were leaving so early because we had just over 400 miles to travel that first day and so wanted to hit the road running, so to speak.  Anyway, as we were leaving, in the dark, we discovered that our brake lights weren’t working on our truck or fifth-wheel.  But we had to get going, so we made plans to be the rig in the middle and planned on flashing lights when we had to brake.  And off we went.  It was raining when we left, but we had looked up the WY DOT website earlier and it said the roads were just wet over the Togwotee Pass.  Well, let me just

Preparing to Roll Down the Road

Well, we’ve been winding things down to the very end.  The campground that I’ve been working at closed down a week ago and since then, I’ve been helping out with retail inventory.  Got talked into that one!  Sal’s been busy doing all the last minute items they require to close everything down for the winter.  We will be leaving Grand Teton National Park this next Saturday.  We are excited!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, we have had an amazing summer!!  But it is time for the season to end and look forward to new things!! The manager from the campground took everyone out to dinner that worked for him this summer.  Kind of one at a time though.  He took Sal and I out to dinner to a place called Heart 6 Ranch.  Actually, he took everyone here.  The view from the place was very pretty.  You can see the silhouette of the Teton Mountains in the background.  The Heart 6 Ranch is actually a dude ranch.  The inside of the place is way cool too.  Of course they’ve got the typical trophy room to