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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  I hope this finds everyone spending their holiday the way that they wish and with family and/or friends.  I also hope this finds everyone and theirs happy and healthy!  We are with family in Alabama this year and having a great time!  It’s actually been a month since we arrived and I just haven’t gotten up to date with my blog until now.  We stayed the night before arriving here in Hattiesburg, LA at a wonderful Passport America park called Okatoma Resort & RV Park .  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend a stay at this cute place.  The new owners are extremely nice and friendly.  The next day, we drove through Mobile, AL on our way to my parents in Marlow. We started our visit off right by visiting some of our favorite places to eat the very next day!!  McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, FL was our first stop.  Talk about some great food!!  They still sell Senate Bean Soup for only 10 cents!!  The ceilings are also covered in dollar bills

Elvis Has Left the Building

I’m still trying to catch up with my blog.  Sorry I’ve fallen a bit behind, but that’s just because we’re having too much fun in Alabama so I have less free time to write.  I’m getting there though!! After we left Nashville, we headed over to Memphis before making our way south to Alabama.  We really wanted to see Graceland and figured we might as well check it out since we were in Tennessee.  The house is beautiful!!  As you walk inside, immediately to your right is the living room.  The white sofa is 15feet long.  The music room is behind with the baby grand piano and old TV.    Also, as you enter into the house, directly in front of you, is this white staircase that leads upstairs where the public is not allowed out of respect for the Presley family who still returns to Graceland for visits and also to avoid any improper focus on the bathroom which is where Elvis died.  Next, you walk past the dining room. And then you move into the kitchen, which wasn’t opened to the public u

Jack Daniel Distillery

While we were in Nashville, we decided to take a side trip over to the very small town of Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniel Distillery which ended up being quite fascinating!!  The Jack Daniel Distillery, which is the oldest registered distillery in the US, is still where every single drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is still made today!  They offer a free tour so you can see how they make their whiskey, which is still the same way that Mr. Jack did way back when.  He purchased his first still when he was only 13 year old! He left home at an early age and was raised by a family friend named Dan Call.    Jack Daniel left home at an early age and was raised by a family friend named Dan Call.  Mr. Call was a Lutheran minister, but also owned a whiskey still.  This is where young Jack learned about making whiskey, and then in September of 1863, Mr. Call decided to devote his life to his ministry and sold him the still.  They charcoal mellow the whiskey drop by drop through ten f

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

On another day in Nashville, we decided to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.  We began our visit here by taking a tour of the Historic RCA Studio B.  It is a very, very cool place to visit.  You can feel the magic of this place when you step through the doors!  As you walk in, you’re met with photos of just a small portion of those who have hallowed these halls.  This studio is one of the most significant recording studios in the world!  It is estimated that more than 35,000 songs were recorded here with about 1,000 of these becoming Top Ten Hits!  So much of the original equipment is all over the place!  As you continue through the tour, you finally get into the Studio B itself where tons of amazing singers did their thing!  Its as if you could feel their presence in the room with you!  There were instruments still there in the room that were the same used by ALL that recorded in that studio that needed that particular instrument.  Such as this piano which had been u