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Getting To Grand Teton National Park

So, after our friends, Mike & Jackie, got their tire fixed, and their “check engine light” taken care of, and after we got our electrical system problems figured out and fixed, we finally all hit the road heading north again, leaving Colorado Springs, CO.  We had an uneventful trip up to Cheyenne, WY where we stayed at Terry  Bison Ranch .  It’s a pretty cool place to stay; I blogged about it and posted photos of it here the first time we stayed.  The night of our arrival, the winds picked up to 60 mph and the next morning, the day we were supposed to leave, they were up to 70 mph!!  Needless to say, we stayed put in our sites!  We used the extra day to have a Mexican Train marathon and had a whole lot of fun!!  It was definitely much better than just sitting around and worrying about tipping over!  We were able to leave the next morning though and took off towards Rock Springs.  It didn’t take too long before we got a glimpse of what could have happened if we hadn’t stayed pu

Visiting With Friends

We were lucky enough to squeeze in a visit with our fulltime RVer friends, Bobbie & Jim Chapman in Alamosa, CO.  The afternoon that we arrived, we just hung out and caught up on what all of us had been doing since the last time we visited which was about a year ago.  Later on Jim took us to where he stored his old El Camino that he restored.  We’d heard about it before, but this is the first time we had the chance to see it ourselves.  Very nice!!!!!  Then we all went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  Yummmm!  It had been quite a while since we had eaten a good Mexican meal, which we both love and this one definitely fit the bill!  It was great!!  The building used to be an old hotel building.  Once you started to really look around, you could tell.  It was very pretty inside.  In fact, in this photo, you can even see the old phone booth in the corner.   Although there was no phone still inside, Jim shared that he remembered when there was in the past.  The next morning, we had

Historic Route 66 & Santa Fe, NM

Like I told you in my last blog post, we spent a couple of days in Albuquerque after our quick trip to Texas.  And the RV Park that we stayed in was along Historic Route 66, so we decided to check out some more of this famous highway.  In November of 1937, a realigned Route 66 became New Mexico’s first completely oil-surfaced road and shortest east-west route, which cut the distance through the state on route 66 from 506 miles to 399 miles.  The original north-south route remained in use as US 85.  We traveled a bit on the original route, but didn’t see too many of the original buildings left.  We found many along the newer route and here’s a sample of them.  View Full Album After we toured Central Avenue, we drove north a bit and headed to Santa Fe, which is apparently the oldest state capital in the United States.  It was a beautiful day and the area was quite busy when we arrived.  We soon found this building, called the Hewett House.  It is one of the few remaining military bui