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Now Closed Highway in Wyoming

A couple of weeks ago, I had to make a trip back down to Park City, Utah so I could see my orthopedic doctor to have him check up on my knee progress.  As most of you know who have been following my blog, I tore my MCL this last March while working at Deer Valley Ski Resort and it still hasn’t completely healed.  Since it was a workers compensation injury, I need to make sure to follow up on it.  I still have to make at least one more trip down there again too in a few more weeks.  At least this time, Sal will be able to make the trip with me.  This time, I had to travel alone and it took six hours to drive there!  I do have to admit that the drive was a very pleasant one though.  I drove south through Grand Teton National Park and then through the town of Jackson , often referred to as Jackson Hole.  Back in the 1800’s a high valley surrounded by mountains was referred to as a “hole” and when an early mountain man, named David Jackson, spent the summer of 1829 along the shores of a

Wish For Us Warm Weather & Blue Skies

As I’ve already been blogging about, there is still a whole lot of snow here in Grand Teton National Park. The day we arrived, about two weeks ago, we were still surprised by just how much snow there was. We had friends that were already here that tried to tell us, but it’s always different when you actually see if for yourself!!!!! All day on Mother’s Day, it was snowing and since then it’s been raining and snowing constantly. It does seem like the snow is beginning to melt though, even if it’s not very quickly!  Here’s what the snow looked like outside our window last Sunday.  My day yesterday started out really well, with this chubby little Robin sitting right outside the window in the tree.  Sophie was running around trying to figure out how she could get outside to play with this cute new “friend” of hers! Later in the day I decided to drive around the park and try to see any new wildlife that might be out and just look around and see what was going on.  I noticed that some of

Some Grand Teton Wildlife

As I wrote before, although Sal has already started working, I am still off work for a little while longer.  Jackie and I went out quite a few days trying to see if we could find some wildlife to watch and photograph.  Before we ever arrived, our friends, Dave and Jeanene saw this industrious little Beaver hanging out near Oxbow Bend working and working.  I’ve gone looking for him/her on multiple occasions, but still haven’t run into it myself!  I’m not giving up though!!  The first wildlife we got to see after the trip in was this Coyote that was hanging out at Oxbow Bend the day after we arrived.  I thought it was really funny how it looked like all these Canada Geese are sitting there watching it walk by.  We also went down towards the dam to see if anything was there.  We came across this Osprey up in a nearby tree.  Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy; I was zoomed in just a bit too much for the quality.  Down near Moran Junction, we came across these two Moose killing some time in th