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Finally a Summer Weekend!!

Yay!  We finally have started having some warmer weather and it’s starting to look more like summer!  We had a couple of days off where it wasn’t raining or snowing so we got out and about in the park!!  On our “Friday” we headed into town to do some chores and such so that we could enjoy our two days off work.  On our way back home I saw these little baby Canada Geese and just had to stop to take pictures.  I’d never seen any little ones before and they were so cute and fuzzy!!  Mom looked as if she was hurrying them along for one reason or another.  And the reflection of the mountains on Flat Creek that flows through town was so beautiful, I had to stop for that photo too!!            The next morning, we took off towards the Gros Ventre Mountain Range which is kind of at the south end of the park and they extend into the Bridger-Teton National Forest as well.  We stopped near Mormon Row so I could take this photo of all the yellow flowers with the Tetons behind.  I thoug

Back to Park City & Over Teton Pass

I had to return to Park City, UT again to see the doc about my knee.  At least Sal was able to go with me, so I didn’t have to do all the driving alone this time.  The landslide I wrote about immediately after my last trip down south was actually cleared enough that we could drive through, so we took that route on the way down.  As we were leaving and just beginning our trip, we saw what we call a “Bear Jam” on the road.  This is the equivalent of a traffic jam, except it is caused by a bear hanging out along the side of the road.  Once we saw this beautiful Grizzly, we agreed that it was definitely worth stopping to see!!!!                    We decided to drive back to Wyoming on a different route though to check out some new scenery.  The drive through most of Utah that we traveled through was nothing to write home about.  A lot of cityscapes and dreary weather.  We did drive by the Great Salt Lake, which neither of us had seen before, but the weather was so da

Finally Saw A Bear!!!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog.  I took a quick trip out to Oregon to visit my Grandma who just tuned 90 and also visited my Mom there too.  When I retuned here, I started work the very next day and have had only a few days off since then and so have been really busy doing chore-type things and have had less time to take photos and have fun.  I did have a couple of days to walk and drive around immediately before I left for Oregon.  The Elk have definitely begun moving more into the park and have continued.  I spent some time just walking through the campground before it opened.  I just wanted to see how snow melt was coming along and such.  I was greeted by this little tree-squirrel on my way in.  At the time, there was still a whole lot of snow in the campsites, but the views of the mountains from there were still amazing!!  I walked down to the Colter Bay Marina, which is right here in the area that we stay in.  I couldn’t believe how much snow was st