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Devils Tower National Monument

Since we had to put our last kitty, Scruffy, down after being quite sick, our other younger cat, Sophie, has been on her own.  She’s a very well-behaved cat who is very, very spoiled!  So, we’ve started to let her roam around in the truck, within reason, when we’re traveling.  She has gotten to the point where she expects it now!!  She loves watching out the window.  We left the Tetons about a week ago, and we’ve been traveling with our good friends, Mike & Jackie, and Dave & Jeanene and we’ve been having a great time!!  We began our trip by stopping over at Devils Tower National Monument .  You can see the huge stump-like formation, which rises around 1200 feet above the Belle Fourche River (pretty fork river), well before you arrive.  It inspired the imagination of the Indians.  They called it Mateo Tepee, which meant Grizzly Bear Lodge.  Near the visitor’s center they had this cool picture! Nearby just outside of the park, you can see some red sandstone and silts

Last Big Hike in the Tetons

I took advantage of the still great weather and made another hike that I had really wanted to take last year, but wasn’t able to.  I decided to hike up to Holly Lake.  The beginning of the hike started over near String Lake.          It then went up and crossed over the outlet from Leigh Lake.  I was surprised that there wasn’t more water than this, but I don’t think I’d been down here this late in the season before.     I don’t know why, but I expected the hike up Paintbrush Canyon to be similar to Cascade Canyon since it was only one canyon over, but it ended up being quite different!!  Where Cascade Canyon was really open and you can see towards the end of the canyon much of the way, this was full of trees and much more closed.  The fall colors were everywhere though!  It was so beautiful to see!!!!  The trail didn’t travel along the side of the creek until you got quite a bit further up.    Every once and a while you’d get to a point where you could see out of

Emma Matilda Lake

A couple of weeks ago, Sal and I went hiking on one of our days off.  Sal was even willing to do a longer one with me, so we headed out to Emma Matilda Lake Trail.  This is a hike that I did myself last year in the spring but Sal had never been.  This loop hike is about 11 miles.  Some fall colors were beginning to emerge near the beginning of the hike.  The first part of the hike took us by Christian Pond.  It was named after Charles A. “Tex” Christian, who managed one of the first lodges in this area.      After stopping at the pond, we hiked a little while longer and then we saw our first glance of Emma Matilda Lake from Lookout Rock.      Most of the trail on this side of the lake went through the evergreen forest.  It was very beautiful!          As we continued, we came to hike right along the shores of the lake itself.  Emma Matilda Lake was named after the wife of William “Billy” Owen, who was the first, along with three other climbers, to ascend to the