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Natchez, Mississippi & The Trace

You would think that with all of this time off of work that we’ve had, I’d be all up to date on my blog posts.  Well, that is nowhere near the case!  We’ve had too much fun while visiting family and friends, that I’ve actually fallen further behind.  But, I’m still gonna try to get caught up, so be patient with me!  LOL When we left Branson, our little gang we had traveled with all went our separate ways.  It was sad, but all good things must come to an end.  But, if we had to sit somewhere by ourselves and miss our friends, at least we chose a beautiful place for the night!  This was the view outside of our windows at Lake Chicot State Park , which is Arkansas's largest natural lake.          Not too shabby, huh?  The people that we dealt with at this park too, were among the nicest we’ve met anywhere.  Great place! For years, I have wanted to drive the Natchez Trace.  After searching maps, I realized that we would have to go way out of our way to drive very much