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East to Arizona ….. Again

After having a fantastic time in California, we headed back east over to Arizona.  We went to the Escapees park in Congress, AZ so we could get the rig weighed.  We timed it well though.  A couple days after we arrived, they had their La Fiesta celebration.  I guess this is their “spring is coming” celebration.  It began with a parade in the morning.  The line dancers got it all started.  They really had some crazy stuff in this parade!!  I couldn’t quite figure out a bunch of it, but that’s okay!  We just sat back, watched, and laughed! Later in the day, they had more activities going on too, including some marshmallow golf.  Yes, I said marshmallow golf!  Even Sal decided to give it a try.  Don’t worry, Tiger, you’ve got nothing to worry about.    They played “baseball” too.  We wished we had known about this earlier because we might have tried to sign up for a team, but it was still fun to watch.  They used bean bags and threw them into these boards to determine how

Return to Southern California

After leaving Joshua Tree, we headed over to Southern California.  The first part of our visit we stayed at San Clemente State Beach.  The sunsets were incredible!!    For those of you who don’t know already, this is the area that we retired from.  So it was nice to come back to familiar territory at first.  We went for a nice walk down to the beach a couple days after arriving.        We could see all the seals hanging out on seal rock out in the water.  We met up with some good friends of ours on Valentine's Day for dinner down at the San Clemente Pier at the Fisherman’s Restaurant.  Back when we lived here, this used to be one of our favorite places to come for special occasions for dinner.  And sometimes, just for the fun of it!      We got to watch a beautiful sunset that night!  I forgot how amazing they could be out here!!!  We celebrated Sal’s birthday while in California.  This was a really good thing since this meant he was able to share the celebr

Lakes to Trees

I was getting so close to being caught up on these blog posts and then my stupid computer had to blow up with a virus!  Dang computers!!  And then, of course, the Geek Squad was a whole lot slower fixing it then they said they would be, but it’s back now, so I’m on my mission again!!  After we left Quartzsite, we headed not too far away and met up with our friends, John and Diana, in Lake Havasu City.  The drive was a very pretty one along the way.  While we were there, we took advantage of the Lake Havasu Music Brews and BBQ Championship .  Unfortunately, it was a cool and very windy day, but we didn’t let it stop us.  It was pretty cool, you buy tickets so you can pick and choose which places you want to taste bbq from and then you can actually vote for your top picks.  You walk around and look for the vendors that had the big BBQ flags waving and those were the ones competing.  We had fun tasting and picking our faves!  And of course, we tasted the brews too!  The location of th