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One Extreme to Another

We left Carizzo Plain National Monument headed for another great place that I found online that we could stay for free.  We drove and drove and drove.  The views were great and we also saw some beautiful ranches!              We kept driving and driving some more.  We finally ended up at the campground only to find out that it didn’t quite work for us!  We did all of the homework we could before we went out too!  I saw pictures online, we made phone calls to ranger offices, etc, but still, it didn’t work!!  So, we ended up staying in a truck stop for the night, changed our plans, and headed towards the coast!  As we neared the coastline we could see Moro Rock in the distance.   I mean, given all the options, it made sense to us!  And once we were driving along Hwy 1 and made our first stop right along the beach and smelled the ocean, we knew it was the right decision!  The drive to the campground was an interesting one.  We kind of knew that the Highway could be