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What a Birthday! Good & Bad………

So, as my birthday was approaching, Sal asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate, and I responded pretty much the same way that I always do; I said, “Let’s go backpacking!”  I don’t always get my wish, but this year, Sal said yes!  Although I had hoped for a two night trip, Sal agreed to an over-nighter and I took what I could get and we headed off to Death Canyon.  Don’t let the name fool you!  It’s an incredible place!!!  First, the hike takes you past Phelps Lake, formed by retreating Death Canyon Glacier 9,000 years ago.  It’s a mile and a half long and about 525 acres in size.           A little while later you can see the mouth of Death Canyon in front of you on the trail.      It’s that time of year where the flutterbutts are all out and about too, which I always love!  It’s fun to watch the different colors flying around and landing on the wildflowers!              The fault that formed the Teton Mountains, followed by glacial erosion of softer rock on top, is w