Blame the Computer!

No, I haven’t already given up on catching up on this blog! Although some of you might have been convinced otherwise by now! I swear, computers just DO NOT like me!!  Shortly after posting my last post, my computer decided that it didn’t want to allow the touchpad (or built-in mouse) to work any longer!  I was in the middle of downloading a program to my laptop and all of a sudden, the touchpad just froze up!  So, for a few days, all spare time was spent trying to fix it!  Poor Sal.  He spent hours, and I do mean HOURS, on the phone with people from the Geek Squad and then people from Toshiba trying to reload the driver for the touchpad, over and over again.  Never worked!  Then more time was spent resetting the hard drive to an earlier time, as in before the program was installed, in case it caused the problem.  And then, actually reset the entire computer back to it’s original state from when we purchased it!!  Still didn’t work!  So, now my computer has been shipped to Toshiba and I’m still waiting for it to come back to me.  In the meantime, I am having to use my old laptop, which has a VERY messed up monitor and since I include so many photos in my blog posts, it makes it very difficult.  I’ve given up waiting for my laptop to miraculously come back to me earlier than expected and decided to just do the best I can with this computer.  So, if my photos don’t look quite as good in this post as they usually do, BLAME THE COMPUTER!!  Ha! Ha!  Open-mouthed smile
I took this picture of the log-on screen of this computer, just so you can see what I’m dealing with!  It gives ya a headache after a short time!

Anyway, off of my rant and on with the blog!  Let’s travel back again to the peace and tranquility of Grand Teton National Park3.Tetons.Colter.Bay.Marina.05.12.12

We were lucky enough to be there for the solar eclipse that occurred on May 20, 2012.  Being in a National Park for such an event can be really cool!  People show up with huge telescopes like this one with special filters so you can still view the event.  12.Solar.Eclipse.Willow.Flats.GTNP.05.20.12
I tried to get some good photos of it, but really didn’t have the right technical equipment.  I tried taking one while holding up a filter that you could use to see it with your eyes.  But it seemed like the best pics I got were of the reflection of the eclipse on someone’s jacket!  7.Solar.Eclipse.Willow.Flats.GTNP.05.20.12

We did still get there early enough to have a few more snow storms hit before we really got summer.  It does make it so beautiful up there when it snows though!  7.Snow.GTNP.morning.05.27.12
So, shortly after I started my park ranger job for the summer, I was lucky enough to have a patrol day.  These were the days that I got to go hiking for work!  So, I decided to hike up to Surprise Lake.  It was a beautiful day for a hike and allowed for some beautiful views of 10,741-foot Jackson Peak along the way!  11.Teton.Vu.Lupine.Mdws.Trl.05.31.12

The view down to Taggart & Bradley Lakes from the trail was incredible as well!  Both of these lakes were formed over 9,000 years ago by glaciers.45.Bradley.Taggart.Lakes.05.31.12

It was still early enough in the season though, that before I got to Surprise Lake, I was hiking through quite a bit of snow.  Arriving at the lake told me what I had already assumed; the lake was still frozen over.  It was so peaceful and quiet there though.  I just stood there a while and took it all in……….

37.Teton.Views.Surprise.Lake.05.31.12 A few days after that, on the morning drive to work, I had to make a stop to see the new baby Moose that had been born!  This little baby was only two days old at this point!  Good thing I always left early enough just in case things like this came up that I needed to stop for on the way!  IMG_2692Isn’t it precious?


I decided this summer that I was going to hike as many miles and as many trails as I possibly could. So, I made it a point to try to get on some trails that I’d never been on before.  Blacktail Butte rises 1,000 feet above the valley floor.  It definitely allows for some amazing sweeping views of the Tetons.  IMG_2728And the wildflowers up on the top of the Butte were all in full bloom! 

Along the hike, I saw this pest hanging out along the trail.  I’ve seen these multiple times along multiple trails.  They are called tent caterpillars.  They form these tent structures out of silk and they can defoliate the tree they are on if they are in large enough numbers.  The tree usually will recover and put out a new set of leaves though.  They just kind of always creep me out!!  IMG_2798

Geologists are still uncertain how Blacktail Butte was formed.  One theory is that this steep, isolated hill might have been created by a separate uplift independent of the Teton Fault.  Fault lines have been identified at the base of the east and west slopes.  The views on the other side show some of the old hayfields below.  IMG_2803Well, I think I will end this post with the end of my hike up and over Blacktail Butte.  I’ll pick things up on the next post when I take my first hike into Death Canyon!  Sounds like a scary place, but it’s really not!  It’s actually incredibly beautiful!  Hopefully, I will have my own laptop back soon so I’ll see better the photos I include!  LOL  Happy Trails everyone!


  1. Your photo are magnificent as always.

  2. Love the pics. Glad you are back on line.

  3. The excuse is always "the computers fault"....... ; ] Great photos as usual. Pam Ridgely


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