Scary Name–AMAZING Place!!!

I can’t tell you the number of people who would come in to get a backpacking permit and would be too nervous to ask for a permit to stay in Death Canyon because of it’s name.  It doesn’t sound like a very welcoming place though, does it?  I have to admit, the name of it made me want to never go there………..until I got my first glimpse inside it!!  IMG_2875

Actually, the first time I got a glimpse was the summer of 2010 when we hiked around Phelps Lake and we could just see the very beginning of the canyon and it looked so beautiful! I had wanted to get back in there ever since, but wasn’t able to last year with my knee surgery mid-summer and all, so this year was gonna be perfect for it!  WOW!  If I had only known what I was missing!!  IMG_2881




It ended up being one of my very favorite places in the park once I did find it!  IMG_2896





There’s a Patrol Cabin that sits up within the cabin that was built back in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It sits at the junction of the Death Canyon Trail and the Alaska Basin Trail. It briefly held a seasonal park ranger office in the 1950s.






A little further up into the canyon, the views just continue to amaze!  It sure made it hard to imagine why they would ever want to call this beautiful place DEATH Canyon!!  IMG_2939

I mean, how serene is this scene??!!  It doesn’t look like a place that would or could cause such a thing as death, does it???  IMG_2946









I hated to have to turn around and hike back out, but I had to be sure I’d be out before it got dark.  On my hike back out, at least I was lucky enough to have a bit of company from these little Yellow-Bellied Marmots (Marmota flaviventris).  IMG_2990




And then on my drive back to the office, I stopped over by Jackson Lake to check out a backcountry site and I got to see these Canada Geese with there little goslings too!  Aren’t they adorable????!IMG_2991



And like I mentioned, I stopped at one of the backcountry sites along Jackson Lake to check it out on my way back to the office.  This is a campsite called South Landing. For only a half mile hike from your car, you could stay the night and wake up to this view outside of your tent.  Not bad, don’t ya think?  IMG_3000

I think I’ll end this post even though it’s a relatively short one for me.  But I will end it with this beautiful view of what I was lucky enough to get to see each morning on my way to work.  Is this incredible or what???  Check back again soon!  IMG_3006


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